7 Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year In Stirling

Chinese New Year celebrations are fast approaching and if you’re in Stirling and want to do something that fits in with the occasion, there is a number of entertaining activities you can do to celebrate or learn about Chinese culture.

In this blog post, we list 7 ways to celebrate and honour the Chinese New Year celebration traditions in Stirling. The list includes activities for your family to join, Chinese restaurants to dine at and Stirling grocers to buy ingredients from for any dinner party you plan to throw.

Chinese New Year is a family-centric celebration that honours those in our past while ushering in good fortune with the new year. 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, which is also said to be the year of hope.

Read on to discover Stirling restaurants, takeaways and celebrations to help you and your family start a new lunar year off with joy.

Activities to Celebrate Chinese New Year In Stirling

Smith Museum and Art Gallery

In honour of Chinese New Year, the Smith Museum will be hosting a free, drop-in session on Saturday, January 21, 2023, between 12 pm-2 pm. During this session explore items from the Museum’s Chinese exhibit, join in arts and crafts, and enjoy some sweet treats with friends and family.

The Smith Museum and Art Gallery promotes and celebrates the rich history and culture of Stirling while also bringing awareness to new cultures and various expressions of art. The museum has been servicing the Stirling community along with visitors through educational exhibitions and allowing space for community groups since 1874.

Learn more about the Smith Museum and Art Gallery, as well as future exhibitions on the Smith Museum website. Share your experience by tagging the Museum on The Stirling Smith Facebook and The Smith Museum Instagram.

List of Asian Cuisine Restaurants & Takeaways in Stirling

If you are looking for a more relaxed holiday celebration, Stirling offers an array of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese restaurants. If you are wanting a night out with fine dining or to enjoy a warm meal in the comfort of your own home, Stirling restaurants are here for you.

The Regent

The regent is located within the heart of Stirling City centre where it has been opened and operated for twenty- five years. You are sure to feel at home with the warm welcome from all The Regent’s staff.

The Regent offers a range of protein options as well as vegan and vegetarian options. This family-friendly restaurant has an option for everyone. Book a table on The Regent’s website. The restaurant also offers a takeaway menu that can be ordered in person or by phoning 01786 472513.

The Regent is located at 30 Upper Craigs, Stirling FK8 2DG. It is open Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-9pm and Sunday from 4pm-9pm.

Bite East

Bite East is an Asian Fusion restaurant that offers both sit-in and takeaway services. In November 2022, Bite East received the honour of being a finalist for the Scottish Asian Food Awards.

If you’re in the mood for sushi, then head over to Bite East. The range of options will not leave you disappointed. If you are still venturing into sushi, Bite East provides vegetarian and non-fish options. The menu is available for delivery via Bite East- Just-Eat.

Bite East is located at 52 Port St, Stirling FK8 2LJ. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Welcome Chinese Stirling

Welcome Chinese Stirling is a takeaway located at 4 Cowane St, Stirling FK8 1JR. If you’re looking for a late-night meal for one or a family meal, Welcome Chinese brings delicious meals to your home.

Welcome Chinese has received a 4.7-star rating on Uber Eats. Meals can be ordered online with Welcome, Uber Eats, in the shop, or by phoning 01786 462159. Welcome Chinese is open Thursday-Tuesday from 4:30 pm-10:45 pm with extended hours Fridays and Saturdays where they are open until 11:30 pm.

New Oriental

The New Oriental is a Chinese takeaway that prides itself in bringing delicious and quality food to your home.

Spring Rolls, Peking Chicken, Kung Po Beef, Szechuan Pork, and endless curries! Find your go-to dish in the shop or call 01786 448841. New Oriental is open Tuesday-Sunday from 4:30 pm-11 pm and is located at 5 Lower Bridge St, Stirling FK8 1AA.

Tell us, what is your favourite Stirling City Centre Chinese restaurant?

Asian Supermarkets in Stirling

If you are feeling adventurous and want to expand your family’s weekly meal menu, why not try your hand at  some traditional Chinese New Year dishes?

Within the Chinese culture, traditional meals hold significant meaning and bring luck and prosperity to your new year.  

Try the Top 25 Chinese New Year Recipes for easy home-cooked meals. If you are wondering where to buy your  ingredients, don’t worry, we have you covered! 

In Stirling City Centre there are two Chinese/Asian markets and grocers who carry a wide variety of ingredients and Chinese snacks. 

The Honest Shop

The Honest shop is located at 34 Cowane St, Stirling FK8 1JR. The shop supplies a range of frozen ingredients; such as dumplings and sweet treats, as well as spices, snacks, and popular drinks.

Sun Wah Mini-Mart

Sun Wah Mini-Mart is located at 35 Barnton St, Stirling FK8 1HF. The shop not only supplies ingredients for Chinese recipes, but also offers a selection of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean ingredients. Sun Wah Mini-Mart can also help you prepare your home for the New Year holiday with a selection of decorations and homeware items.

To learn more about both grocers and other Stirling International grocery stores, read our Guide to Stirling International Grocery Shops blog post.

If you are spending the Chinese New Year at home with friends or family or within the community, share your pictures with us at Go Forth Stirling Facebook or Go Forth Stirling Instagram.

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