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We offer two membership levels to independent businesses, creators and freelancers that would like to be included on our website:

  • Get Listed
    ‘Get Listed’ is a free option for businesses that would like to be included on our interactive map and that would like to submit their own content.

  • Voluntary Membership
    Voluntary Membership is a paid membership level that gives you full access to benefits offered by Independent Stirling and Go Forth Stirling BID.

Becoming a voluntary member gives you access to much more than increased exposure for your business. Your business will also gain access to business support schemes run by Go Forth Stirling Business Improvement District, which are potentially worth thousands of pounds (Go Forth Stirling BID levy-payers have access to these schemes automatically).

  • We’ll list your business on our interactive map of independents.
  • You’ll get the “I’m In” sticker to display in your window.
  • We’ll take photos of your business to include on the website and social media.
  • We’ll write a story about your business and will regularly promote your business via different channels.
  • You can create your own content to publish on the website or come up with special offers for our readers, newsletter subscribers and other businesses.
  • You’ll have unlimited access to Go Forth’s online training platform. 
  • You’ll meet one of the key eligibility criteria of Go Forth’s grant schemes.
  • You’ll have access to Go Forth’s cost savings programmes. 
  • You’ll reap place marketing benefits including increased footfall and raised profile of the city as a result of BID projects and marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll be encouraged to make recommendations on new initiatives and apply to join Go Forth’s Board of Directors. 
  • Your business will have the option to become Retailers Against Crime member which will give you access to sentrySIS, crime reporting and monitoring software, and many other excellent benefits that will help you keep your business safe and secure.

Becoming a voluntary member means that you’ll help us invest in local economy.

Voluntary levy-payers located within the BID area contribute a fixed amount of £125 per year for the duration of the BID term. Businesses outside the area can also join, with their levy being calculated according to their rateable value.

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