All the Places in Stirling Where You Can Get Ice Cream

The entire month of July is an ‘Ice Cream Month’ and Sunday 18th July is  ‘National Ice Cream Day’ so it only makes sense that we give you a complete list of all the businesses in the Stirling City Centre where you can get ice cream, sorbet or gelato.

Stirling has recently welcomed a few new dessert parlours and some businesses decided to add ice cream to their menu so read on to stay in the know.

La Ciociara

We bet you know this Italian restaurant & cafe at the bottom of Friars Street that not only serves delicious dishes but they have a large selection of gelato and sorbets.

You can buy a few scoops in a waffle cone or create a sundae with delicious toppings.

Our flavour of choice is strawberry and cream or lemon.

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Monny One

Monny One is an entirely new gelateria that opened in the Stirling Arcade a few weeks ago. Its owners, Giuseppe and Cecilia, moved the business from Portobello where their gelato proved extremely popular.

All of the gelato is made in-house and you can have it served in a variety of cones, cups or even in a brioche or coffee. Their offer also includes beautiful ice cream cakes and sundaes such as a banana cup (2-3 scoops of ice cream with a sliced banana, whipped cream and a chocolate sauce).

you can also buy up to 10 scoops in a special termo box. 

Our go-to flavour is vanilla or Monny’s fantasy.

Read the gelateria’s story or find Monny on Instagram.

Mint Cafe

Mint Cafe is easily one of the most photographed coffee shops in the whole of Stirling thanks to its beautiful floral display.

Mint is a perfect spot for a quick lunch or a sweet treat including waffles and crepes that can both be served with ice cream. And of course, you can just buy an ice cream to go.

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Voseba is a small European style cafe bar on top of King Street. It has a generous shaded outdoor seating area allowing you to hide from the hot summer sun rays.

They recently introduced a soft vanilla ice cream that can either be served in a cone with a chocolate flake or you can get a strawberry sundae or a banana split, what’s it going to be?

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Caffe Pompei

If you love Italian desserts, then Caffe Pompei is definitely the place to go. Apart from delicious warm croissants, a daily lunch menu and a variety of cannoli and other Italian treats, you can now also taste six flavours of gelato.

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Italia Nostra

Visit this amazing Italian restaurant on Baker Street, treat yourself to a delicious meal and finish off with rich ice cream sundae. 

Urban Bubble

Urban Bubble is a dessert shop located on Murray Place. It opens later in the afternoon and closes late at night.

Urban Bubble takes pride in being the first ice cream and bubble tea parlour in Stirling. You will be spoilt for choice with over 22 flavours of ice cream.

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Sweet Fusion

Seet Fusion is a new dessert parlour located on Barnton Street.

They have over 30 ice cream flavours and serve also milkshakes, waffles, crepes and more.

They open later in the afternoon and are open until 10-11pm to soothe your evening cravings.

Find Sweet Fusion in Instagram.

We’ve published a story about them so if you’re curious to find out more, read Stirling Welcomes Sweet Fusion

Sweer fusion dessert parlour Stirling

Hamilton's Cheesecakes

One would traditionally not think about ice cream being served in Hamilton’s cheesecakes but they too serve ice cream.

Find Hamilton’s Cheesecakes on Instagram.

Flip 'N' Shake

This American style dessert parlour is located on Forthside Way between Nando’s and Toast cafe.

You can try pancakes, waffles and milkshakes or just have ice cream on its own.

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