Bambinos Designer Childrenswear Boutique Opens in Stirling’s Upper Craigs

A new shop which specialises in a wide range of beautiful designer childrenswear has opened in Stirling.

Bambinos Designer Childrenswear is based in Upper Craigs and run by mum-of-four Dawn Adams.

The store, which also has an online shopping platform, sells a variety of clothes, accessories and footwear for babies and young children including romper suits, shorts, dresses, bows, shoes, bonnets, cardigans, leggings, skirts, summer hats and swimsuits.

Dawn is the only Stirling stockist for a range of brands such as Pretty Originals, 

Baby Gi, Rahigo, Sonata Infantil, Duerme Safilla, Babine, LorMiral, Artesania Granlei and Calamaro.

Bambinos opened on Saturday April 27 and has been popular with customers shopping for gifts and parents looking for an excellent choice of designer brands.

Dawn, who lives in Stirling, had always dreamed of opening a children’s clothing store after struggling to find a good range of clothes for her older children – Lyle, 15, and 12-year-old Lukah – when they were small.

She says: “I love dressing my children up and when the boys were young, I found it hard to find lovely baby clothes for them in Stirling as well as things like a nice Christmas Day outfit.

“I’ve always thought that Stirling needs a shop selling a variety of beautiful designer clothes and it was my dream to open one.”

Dawn, who has two younger children – Lottie, 5, and 10-month-old Lockie – previously worked as a beauty therapist and had a job on the Benefits Counter at Debenhams in Stirling until the store closed down.

She then started up her own cleaning business which was a great success but which wasn’t a practical option once Lockie came along.

She says: “I enjoy cleaning and the business was going well but once I was pregnant with Lockie I knew I would need to do something else, so I took some time off and then worked on opening a clothes shop.

“I contacted all the brands I had in mind to use and luckily they had no one else stocking them in Stirling (only one person in the same area can sell each brand) so I was able to get the brands I wanted and move ahead with my plans.”

Dawn set up a website which features all the available clothing and footwear and an online store – – while searching for a shop to buy.

She found the perfect premises at 17, Upper Craigs which was previously used as a temporary office for Go Forth Stirling and prior to that as a home for Bob’s Locks.

She says: “We transformed the place putting in a flat wall to display the clothing and painting it all white so it looks really bright and shows off the clothes nicely.

“We opened at the end of April and it’s going well so far with my online customers coming in to look at everything and new customers spotting us as they walk past and popping in to see what we have.”

Dawn brings Lockie into the shop with her most days and also features him and Lottie as models for the clothing on her social media feeds – making it a real family business!

She says: “It’s the first time I’ve owned a shop and I find it’s easier to juggle everything by running your own business when you also have children to look after – it’s much better than a 9-5 job.”

Dawn offers Clearpay payment plans for customers and runs regular lottery-style competitions via her Facebook page – – where people can buy a bonus ball number for £5 and at the end of each month the winner receives £300 to spend in store.

She says: “The competitions are a bit of fun which also give someone the chance to buy their whole summer wardrobe for just £5 so they’ve proved quite popular so far.”

Bambinos is open from 10am until 4.30pm Monday to Saturday – apart from Wednesdays when the shop closes a little earlier at 2.30pm.

More details about the business and photos of the clothing, footwear and accessories, which cater for newborns up to children aged 7, can be found on the Facebook page, on Instagram – – and on Tik Tok

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