Meet Golden Tree Estates: Your New Trusted Partner for Property Sales and Rentals in Stirling

A new sales and lettings agency Golden Tree Estates has opened in the city centre.

Based in Barnton Street, the business is run by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Giuseppe Paladini and Olga Rubio.

The experienced Golden Tree Estates team are ready to help anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property.

They will guide clients through every step of the process from pricing and marketing to negotiations and closing the deal.

And they pride themselves on their professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Olga – who is from Mexico – and her Italian husband Giuseppe met as students at the University of Stirling and have since launched a number of business ventures.

They began investing in property seven years ago and now have 30 properties in their portfolio. They own 20 of the properties while managing others which belong to friends or to students of the Stepping Bricks Academy – a mentorship programme which combines property training, knowledge and mindset – run by Giuseppe.

The properties are a mix of rental homes, holiday lets and houses which the couple buy specifically to invest in, renovate and later sell or rent out.

The Golden Tree Estates team work in property sales, let homes to tenants and also offer a fully managed service for landlords.

Olga says: “We were students before we began buying properties so we have a lot of experience and a connection in terms of having been tenants ourselves.

We really care about tenants and are keen to help people. We know that letting agencies sometimes gain a bad reputation but we are different – we are very honest, we carry out own inspections and we always get back to tenants promptly.”

“We also have a good network of tradesmen and, having been in the position of both tenant and landlord, we know all the issues each faces and we see them as a team.

We are keen to set and keep to high standards and realise the importance of working with both sides and keeping everyone happy.

We’re now moving into selling properties and will apply the same experience in that sphere – for example keeping both the buyer and seller well informed about progress and making buying and selling homes a less stressful experience for all involved.”

Given our experience in buying and selling, we are well connected enough to be able to sell a home quickly if required, have all the necessary skills and online resources needed and good relationships with local solicitors, mortgage brokers and photographers.

Olga and Giuseppe both originally trained as vets in their own countries before undertaking PhDs at the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture. 

Giuseppe then worked as a lecturer in Parasitology at the University and as a mentor and trainer at a property training company before the couple began building up their own property investments and related enterprises.

They were working from home in Clackmannanshire before they bought the shop in Barnton Street which was previously home to interior designers McKinnon and Company.

Olga says: “It’s an excellent location and we have the office and a basement which we have converted into a teaching room that Giuseppe can use for face- to-face meetings with his students.

It’s special to have our own place and it was the next step for us to have a shop where people can pop in for a chat and find out more about us and what we do.”

Golden Tree Estates officially opened its doors in mid-March and Olga and Giuseppe are now looking forward to growing their business and working with homeowners, landlords and tenants across Central Scotland.

Olga says: “I think what sets us apart is that we don’t just ‘manage’ properties, we genuinely care about the people and the properties involved and want the best for everyone.

Golden Tree Estates, based at 32 Barton Street, is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.

More details about the agency and the services it offers are available on the website – Golden Tree Estates also a Facebook page –

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