Guide to Stirling International Grocery Shops

Are you an international student living in Stirling or just someone who likes to try different international foods and recipes?

We know it’s not often easy to find the ingredients you need in a regular supermarket. Luckily, Stirling has a few specialist grocers that might sell what you need. Because nothing transports you back to the comfort of your home or brings back memories from your travels more than a delicious home-cooked meal.

In Stirling, you can find independent grocery shops that sell Eastern European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian goods. We listed all these shops, what they sell and where their Stirling addresses in the list below. 

Asian, Arabic & African Grocers

Malik Halal Food Store Stirling

Malik Halal Food Store has been operating in Stirling for three years and offers an impressive stock of Oriental, Asian, Arabic and African foods. This diverse grocer plays a significant role in ensuring all members of the Stirling community feel at home.

The shop also carries fresh produce (e.g. plantins, chillies, cassava), locally sourced Halal meat and freshly made sweet treats such as baklava. They also stock a great variety of spices and pulses in bulk.

With their exceptional customer service, you are sure to find anything you need. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to ask! “Whatever you demand, we will do our best to supply it!”

The ingredients found at Malik Halal Food Store are sure to help you either combat homesickness or prepare a delicious meal for your friends and family. 

Explore the shop’s website to find out more about this community business:

Malik Halal Food Store is located at 101-103 Barnton Street, Stirling FK8 1HJ.

Asian Supermarkets

Do you follow Asian ASMR videos or viral cooking recipes? Even if you are just searching for familiar ingredients, Stirling has two Asian markets.

Sun Wah Mini-Mart

Sometimes homesickness comes from the feeling of disconnection from a familiar community. Sun Wah Mini-Mart hopes to assist students by making them feel like part of a community.

After being opened in Stirling for eight years, the shop has developed an amazing connection with visiting students. Even going as far as facilitating social group chats for former students and locals to guide and advise new students. Truly creating a family environment.

Their wide range of products offer foods from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Explore their shelves for easy and convenient meal options!

When asked, the owner states that students tend to gravitate towards meal options that can be prepared in a matter of minutes with minimal preparation. The shop also allows students to personalise their new accommodations in an affordable manner by offering a selection of second-hand items, from kitchenware to stationary.

Visit them at 35 Barnton Street, Stirling FK8 1HF .

The Honest Shop

The Honest Shop is located just outside of the city centre but is conveniently positioned near a bus that connects shoppers to the university and other surrounding areas and it’s very close to one of the City Centre student accommodations.

The shop has been opened for five years and offers a warm welcome to university students. Their extended selection of shelf stable food makes those long nights of studying less stressful. It also has the best selection of ingredients for a hot pot. They also sell kitchen tools and items.

So Stock up on your favourite freezer essentials and pot noodles for delicious and convenient meals.

The Honest Shop is located at 34 Cowane Street, Stirling FK8 1JR.

Eastern European Grocers

If Eastern European cuisine is what you are looking for, Stirling is home to two Polish shops.

Skierscy Polish Goods and Bakery

Skierscy – Polish Goods and Bakery is located just a little outwith the core of the city centre. Making it easy and convenient to access with parking just outside the shop.

The shop has been operating since 2014 and has a strong connection with the local community. The shop carries a range of Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech and most of all Polish goods. This variety allows for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Popular products include a selection of meat and baked goods. Buying these products local ensures for the best of quality. “We offer products that are more affordable and fresher than our local national competitors.

Enjoy the flavours of home or explore new cuisines by visiting the shop at 97 Barnton Street, Stirling FK8 1HJ.

U Paździocha

U Paździocha is family owned and operated Polish shop that has been opened for five years. Through the years the owners have created a strong communal bond with locals and students alike.

When asked, the owner Simon highlighted their selection of cold cut meats and fresh vegetables as their top sellers. Stop in to see what is in season and top up on some quality cold cuts.

Their selection of fruit preserves are guaranteed to warm your heat with the familiarity of home. Perfect for a quick spread on toast, fillings for crepes, or perhaps eating by the spoonful is more your style.

U Paździocha can be found at 42 Barnton Street, Stirling FK8 1NA

American Sweets

Baba’s American Candy

If you are an American student in Scotland, an expat or someone wanting to try TikTok viral American sweets, Baba’s American Candy is the shop for you!

Located in the Thistles Shopping Centre, Baba’s carries products ranging from American drinks to the infamous Twinkie.

Baba’s is the perfect stopping place for tourist and students to find food and sweets that other grocers may not carry. Find a perfect study break treat with their wide collection of sweets from M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids, and Jolly Ranchers.

Keep up to date with their lateset products on offer by following Baba’s American Candy on Facebook. 

Baba’s American Candy is located inside the Murray Place entrance of The Thistle Centre.

All these international grocers that Stirling has to offer go out of their way to ensure that students and local international community feels like home.

If you wish to avoid dirty dishes when cooking though, visit our directory of Independent businesses and find a restaurant that serves exactly what you’re after.

For further alternative grocer options in Stirling, check out our Shop Plastic Free blog post!

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