Places to Visit in Stirling

Visiting Stirling for a day or a weekend? Put these must-see visitor attractions and locations on your list of places to see.

Stirling Castle

While visiting Stirling, one of the first things you will see from afar is the golden hall of the Castle looking over the city centre and the Forth Valley. Venture up the hill and walk in the footsteps of Stirling’s historical figures.

Stirling Castle has been at the heart of the community since the twelfth century. Visitors walk through the gardens, great hall, kitchens, and royal chapel while learning about the complex history of the castle and its inhabitants.

The Castle overlooks the Stirling Bridge, the King’s Knot, Kings Park, and the National Wallace Monument. All are well-worth visiting.


Stirling Tolbooth played an essential role in thirteenth-century burgh life. Situated on Broad Street, the heart of the old market square, the Tolbooth acted as a tax collection point and later as the prison and

Today, the Tolbooth is open to the public for art exhibitions and concerts. On Saturdays, enjoy delicious food and free entertainment with Café Concerts.

The Bastion and Thieves Pot

The Bastion and Thieves Pot lies tucked within the Thistle Shopping Centre but was once home to victims of sixteenth-century capital punishment. This free venue engages visitors with the punishment methods of the past. After visiting, venture around the shops within Thistles.

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum explores the story of Stirling in a permanent exhibition that even holds the world’s oldest football. The gallery is funded by donations and supports contemporary exhibitions that change on a monthly basis. While visiting Stirling, explore the past and present within the Smith Gallery and enjoy the peaceful setting with teas and cakes in the museum café and walk around in the Museum’s gardens.

Church of the Holy Rude

The Holy Rude Church has played an essential role in medieval Stirling and Scottish society. Minister John Knox crowned King James VI in the Holy Rude on 29 July 1567. This beautiful church is an architectural must-see while visiting Stirling.

Old Town Jail

Opening its doors in 1847, the Stirling Old Town Jail was the beginning of a new era for prison reforms. The building has been used as the town jail, military detention, and storage for the manufacturing of sweets.

Today, the building is open to visitors and hosts scheduled tours. The dedicated actors guide audiences through the history of the prison system in Stirling and Scotland. The Old Town Jail further offers an Escape Room. The various activities hosted at the jail make it a must-see destination in Stirling.

Stirling Distillery

Located beneath the castle, the Stirling Distillery is a great pit stop while visiting the city.

The location of the distillery is steeped in history as it is homed in the Old Smiddy Building. The distillery is widely known and recognised for its gin and is also curating its own whisky. Visitors can enjoy gin and whisky tasting or engage in a full experience of a distillery tour. Make sure to collect your favourite spirit to enjoy at home.

The Back Walk & City Streets

Take a scenic and educational stroll of the Back Walk starting at Corn Exchange at the Back of Codebase and look around you as you stroll down the City streets.

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