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There is a month for everything, and July is plastic free month. With today’s climate crisis, we can each do a little more to ensure the health of our planet and its eco-systems. By reducing our use of plastic, we can make healthy changes within our own homes that then ripple into the wider community.

Helping do our part to become more sustainable can seem like a tedious task, but these shops around Stirling make plastic free and sustainable shopping a breeze!

List of Stirling Businesses Selling Plastic-free

Stirling Health Food Store

Stirling Health Food Store has been independently owned and operated in Stirling since 1976. Their knowledge and customer assistance will have even the newest plastic free shoppers feeling confident in their decisions. To help reduce the use of plastic their selection of dried goods are packaged in natural prepacks.

“Our Just Natural range of prepacks is in plastic free and compostable packaging; if you have a compost heap, just throw them in there and they will decompose!”

Not only does the shop offer a plastic free option for their dried goods, but they also offer plastic free options for personal care. Instead of buying products such as shampoo, conditioner, washing up soap, washing powder, and feminine care that are wrapped in plastic choose the Stirling Health Food Store that supply all essential care goods in natural and recyclable packaging.

Plastic free toiletry products on shelves of Stirling Health Foods Store

If you require any fabric conditioner or laundry soap the shop also conducts a refill opportunity! Just bring in your empty Bio Bottles and refill on all your household needs. All products are vegan, vegetarian, and cruelty free.

The Stirling Health Food Store shows that even if we buy products within packaging, there are still options for plastic free from personal care, food, supplements, herbal remedies, and an extensive list of recipes to ensure the maximum benefits of the quality ingredients.

Find Stirling Health Food Store at 29 Dumbarton Road, Stirling FK8 1LQ.

Ginger Roots

Looking for fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables? Then Ginger Roots should be your first choice! The shop has been open in Stirling for 18 months but the staff are equipped with years of experience.

To help keep produce their fresh quality, fruits and vegetables are not wrapped in plastic packaging. The shop also offers a warm family touch with the use of paper bags and Save the Turtle Bags. A homage to the owner’s memories of shopping for his Gran. Walking around East End Glasgow with their bright pink mesh bag.

With running a fruit and vegetable the risk of food waste is always present. However, to reduce the waste produce that are not at their peak quality are donated to the local food bank or to local restaurants where they will be used in the daily soup. Produce that are not fit for human consumption are given back to the farm suppliers to be used as fertiliser or animal feed.

Ginger Roots also encourage people to do their shopping for meals that are intended to be consumed that evening. Stockpiling food by doing a weekly shop heightens the risk of food waste. Shoppers are also encouraged to bake and cook produce that are in season. Guarenteeing quality meals every time!

Ginger Roots gives us an excellent example of how as a community Stirling can work together towards plastic free. Find Ginger roots at 79 Port St, Stirling FK8 2ER or look for updates on Ginger Root’s Facebook page.

Also, if you’re curious to learn a little more about the shop and its owner, Mark, then you should read Ginger Roots greengrocer opens in Stirling story.

Calluna Ethical Living

Calluna Ethical Living may be popularly known for their range of beautiful house plants, but the shop offers so much more. Venture in to find an extensive range of plastic free products. Some that you may have never thought of as an option for plastic free.

The majority of Calluna’s plastic free options come in the form of bamboo products. The shop recommends the use of bamboo in comparison to plastic because of bamboo’s 100% biodegradable features, as well as bamboo being one of the fastest growing plants

Instead of filling our oceans and landfills with products like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, dish brushes, straws, and plastic  cups choose a bamboo option. Calluna even stocks bamboo socks.

Calluna Ethical Living also educates community members with the power of up-cycling. Their clothing, rugs, rucksacks, and not to mention a hydroponic system are produced from recycled materials.

Calluna also helps support plastic free by offering a plant pot exchange. Instead of throwing out your old pots bring them in to Calluna where they will be offered to other plant lovers for FREE!

Calluna Ethical Living is located at 58 Murray Pl, Stirling FK8 2BX but you can also visit Calluna’s online shop. Oh, also Calluna is on Instagram too.

Hopefully, these amazing shops around Stirling make the transition of plastic free an easier choice. Each one of these shops illustrates how working as a community can be beneficial toward becoming plastic free this July.

Read more about our fantastic community of Stirling Independent businesses on our blog.

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