Simpson & Co Hair Colour Specialist Salon Opens in Stirling

Talented hair stylist Grant Simpson has returned to his roots with the launch of a new salon in the heart of Stirling.

Simpson & Co is based in King Street and offers colour and cutting expertise in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Grant, who was born and grew up in Stirling, worked in the city after firs training as a hair stylist and then set up is own business, Peach Hair, in Bonnybridge.

He is delighted to return to Stirling where he opened Simpson & Co on May 9.

He says: “I moved from Stirling to Bonnybridge in 2018 and now I’m coming back to my roots and it’s a really proud moment for me and my family.

I was born and brought up in Stirling and to have my name on a salon in the city centre is such a touching moment for me. It’s been wonderful so far and I’ve had such a lot of love and support from family and friends.

Simpson & Co luxury Salon Stirling

Grant initially worked in the tourism industry but after the 2008 financial crash hit, jobs in that sector dried up so he decided to look for another career.

He says: “I thought I would throw myself into something else for the time being and I fell into hairdressing. Friends and family had always said I would be good at styling hair as I have a creative flair so I gave it a go and fell in love with it!”

Grant studied at a training academy before working in Stirling salons and undertaking a range of further training courses.

He was working as a salon manager when he received an inheritance from his grandparents and decided it was time for a change.

He says: “I hadn’t planned to open my own salon but the inheritance was a surprise and I felt it was a sign that I should do it. I thought I’m going to put this money towards my future and that’s how my first salon Peach Hair came about.

It was a fun salon and the name came from thinking of something that was bright and stood out and would attract people who wanted to have their hair done differently and who were looking for different shades.

Running Peach Hair gave me the chance to figure things out and now I feel more grounded and ready to take the next step and manage a bigger salon.

Peach was quite a small shop and really just my own studio, but the business grew and grew and now we have a team of five at Simpson & Co which offers a more mature, technical service.”

The salon is based at 6, King Street in the shop which was formerly home to Number Eight Clothing before the historic premises were split to form two new units.

Grant says: “When I went to look at the building, I thought it was just gorgeous – it’s 120 years old and I love it so much.

I had to fit out the unit from scratch and poured my life savings into it and it looks stunning now. I’m really happy with the salon and the welcome we have received from family, friends, other businesses and people who have popped in to take a look at the place and wish us luck.

Having my family so close is great and my mum Avril is really proud of what I’ve achieved and pops in every day. We’ve been flat out so far with lookings and walk-ins and I feel privileged to be able to run a shop in King Street –it’s nice to see so much life about the street and be part of the community here.

Grant is looking forward to bringing his 12 years of industry experience to Stirling.

Grant says: “I’m looking forward to it and it’s nice to be at the stage of my career now where I can offer a safe space for people of any race, ethnicity and sexual orientation and the ability to cut any type of hair which comes into my chair.

I’ve had 12 years working in the industry and it’s good to feel I can share that wealth of knowledge with my team and the apprentices who come through my training academy.

Simpson & Co hair salon colour specialist in Stirling - hanging sign

Simpson & Co is open from Tuesday to Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday).

Opening times are 9am-5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday; 1pm-9pm on
Thursday; 11am-7pm on Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday.

Clients can call 07497 877387 to book an appointment and there is online booking via the Simpson & Co Facebook page.

The salon also has a website – and is on
Instagram –

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