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Top Vegan Restaurants and Cafés in Stirling

Looking for restaurants and coffee shops in Stirling that serve vegan food? We have you covered. 

The City’s independent hospitality scene serves delicious and inventive plant-based options from a grab-and-go classic, non-meaty sausage roll, to sitting-in with flavour busting curries and everything in between. In Stirling, you are sure to find delicious meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Our list of the best eateries throughout Stirling City Centre includes those establishments that either curate their entire menu to accommodate a vegan diet and others that have plentiful vegan options on their menu. 

Keep reading and let us help you choose the ideal dining spot on our independent business scene that will leave you wanting more. 

Nooch Bar and Kitchen

This entirely vegan café, bar & restaurant opened in the city centre in December 2022. It opens from 11:30am Wednesday to Sunday and brings together a classic cafe menu (sandwiches, cakes and coffee) with innovative vegan recipes such as Korean fried mushroom burgers served with kimchi.

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The restaurant is the perfect place for a relaxed afternoon catch-up with friends, a social gathering over their regular Thursday night pub quiz or some live music. We also recommend Nooch for a study or work day out (wifi, coffee, food). And you can also bring your dog!

Delicious vegan noodle salad prepared by Nooch Bar and Kitchen all vegan restaurant and cafe in Stirling. Ginger and sesame noodle salad with fresh vegetables
Nooch's Rice Noodles Salad
Refreshing vegan iced chai late prepared at Nooch Bar and Kitchen all vegan restaurant ant cafe in Stirling. Coconut milk iced chai late. Summer Drink.
Iced Chai Latter with Oat Milk

All of the beverages on Nooch’s drinks menu are vegan-friendly too, including wines and cocktails. With the warmer summer weather setting in, you’ve gotta taste the iced chai latte.

If this all doesn’t make your mouth water, then follow Nooch’s Instagram to find out more about their recipes and kitchen specials.

The menu is crafted with bar snack options in mind. Enjoy small dishes such as onion bhajis or pita chips with dips along with a selection of Nooch wine, spirits and beer which is locally sourced from Genius Brewing in Alloa. Or try some of the big dishes from Nooch’s rotating seasonal menu. We recommend that you try Nooch’s ginger and sesame noodle salad.

If this all doesn’t make your mouth water, then follow Nooch’s Instagram to find out more about their recipes and kitchen specials.

Booking for Nooch Bar & Kitchen is not required, however, if you wish to join in on Thursday nights for a Nooch Pub Quiz, it is advised. So give the restaurant a quick ring at  +44 (0)1786 357600 to secure a table.

If you’re looking for more evening events, read our Fun Things to Do in Stirling in the Evening blog post.

Read more about Nooch Bar and Kitchen on our Welcome Nooch blog post to learn how Owner James is excited to bring the opportunity for fresh, seasonal, vegan food and drinks to Stirling foodies. 

Find Nooch Bar & Kitchen at 44 Upper Craigs, Stirling FK8 2DS.


HBW is our go-to brunch spot in Stirling. Everything on HBW’s menu comes either vegan or non-vegan and it’s up to you to choose. With their add-ons, you can even mix and match – have that vegan breakfast burrito but add that perfectly crispy bacon on a side, we don’t judge. HBW is also featured in our Top 10 Breakfast and Brunch Places in Stirling blog post.

HBW all-day menu includes sourdough toasts, buns, pancakes and sweet baked treats. Coffee is a given including a great selection of milk alternatives. 

We strongly recommend you try HBW’s Tofu Scramble, and the plant based product THIS Isn’t Bacon that will leave even the most devoted bacon lover satisfied. Or order the fluffiest of pancakes in the whole of Stirling. Whatever you do, don’t leave until you have their home-made fresh doughnuts. The raspberry ones are irresistible.

Delicious vegan homemade doughnut raspberry filled sugar dipped made at HBW vegan café Stirling. Made fresh in house sweat vegan treat

By the way, you can find more pancake options with the Where to get pancakes in Stirling blog post. 

HBW is continuously improving their menu and looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint as well. 

Get some brunch date inspiration by connecting with the café on HBW’s Facebook and HBW’s Instagram. 

On a nice day, you can also grab a seat outside. We’re sure you’ll love your visit. Conor (the owner) along with his friendly staff, will ensure that you have the best possible experience that will leave you planning your next visit before you leave the café.

Visit HBW at 54/56 Barnton St, Stirling FK8 1NA.

Café Aina

Enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean with the family-owned and operated business, Café Aina. Not only does the café blend Greek and Scottish cuisine but its menu is 50% plant-based.

Making it an easy choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for vegan and vegetarian foodies.

Try out Café Aina’s Tofu Souvlaki, Vegan Sausage Rolls and so much more. Often people assume that if you go for a vegan or vegetarian alternative the portion size is on the lacking side. This couldn’t be more wrong with Café Aina. Their falafel burger leaves you wondering how you will go about eating it without making a mess. The perfect reaction to have to any classic burger.

Delicious vegan Souvlaki from Mediterranean café and restaurant Café Aina in Stirling. Vegan falafel with chips, salad, pita bread, salad, humous.

What’s that? You want to hear more about their breakfast options? Listen to this, a classic Scottish Fry-Up with vegan alternative sausage, beans, spinach, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, and bread and let us tell you, it is large. 

The staff at Aina have taken the time to categorize the menu items for customers to assess any dietary restrictions. This menu can be accessed from Café Aina’s Website.

Café Aina is a dog friendly cafe located in the heart of the city centre at 34-36 King Street and is open from 9am-9pm. 

Fins out more at Café Aina’s Facebook or Café Aina’s Instagram.

The Book Nook

The Book Nook is a local favourite hangout spot that offers a cozy atmosphere for those cold winter days, and a bright open space to enjoy the sunlight coming in during the summer.

Book Nook allows you to get comfy on the couch with your favourite book and cup of tea, catch up with friends, work on a group project or sit alone for studying as the café is equipped with lots of power outlets and has a reliable wifi.

Delicious vegan bagel at The Book Nook café in Stirling with vegan options. Onion and garlic bagel with lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrots, onions, tomato, and humous. Iced latte with coconut milk and caramel sauce.
New and used books for sale at The Book Nook café in Stirling. Fantasy books, mystery books, sci-fi books, fiction books, non-fiction books, children books, poetry, history books, travel books.

Owners Leanne and Jasmine have put their heart and soul into providing a place where book-lovers can get lost in the story but of course, you can’t do that on an empty stomach. The Book Nook serves a great selection of bagels and cakes.

Their bagel vegan filling options currently includes your choice of plain, sesame seed, or garlic and onion bagel with avocado, lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, red onion, and hummus. A bright and satisfying choice for the summer months. You also have the option of vegan cream cheese. Don’t forget to grab a sweet treat of cakes and cookies that are all made in-house. A chocolate chip cookie and a coconut milk latte are the perfect pairing.

A unique feature to The Book Nook is their cozy corner for the kiddos to enjoy. This welcoming space allows kids to explore their favourite books or discover new adventures. This feature makes the café a great location for a mommy and me catch up with friends and family.

Adore the picturesque setting by following The Book Nook’s Instagram.

The Book Nook also hosts different live events from author talks, open mic, and trivia nights. To join an event visit The Book Nook’s website.

The Book Nook is pet friendly and located at 24 Upper Craigs with their doors open from 8:30 am-5:30 pm everyday of the week.


Vera Artisan Bakery & Kitchen

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the multi-award-winning Vera Artisan Baker & Kitchen. This café has become a guilty pleasure for a lunchtime top-up. What’s even better is the selection of cakes, sweet treats, and bread that are available for vegan options.

Beautiful cakes for special occasions or an afternoon indulgence, Vera has you covered. The classic Victoria Sponge, decadent Nutella Biscuit, and more are vegan-friendly that are available in both store locations at 51 King Street, 26-28 Barnton Street (this location is a take-away only site), as well as online ordering with Vera Artisan Bakery & Kitchen’s website.

The bakers at Vera set themselves apart with their passion for simple, quality ingredients being the centre of their recipes. Read more about how this passion came about in our Vera Artisan Bakery Opens Its Second Branch in Stirling blog post.  Their traditional sourdough bread is made of three simple ingredients and given plenty of love and time to proof and rest, resulting in irresistible loaves. Carb overload? Potentially. But when it’s that good, it’s hard to say no.

If you need a balance between sweet and savoury, the menu at Vera’s strikes the perfect balance. Looking for a moowah, chef’s kiss moment? Order a satisfying Super Salad; made with roasted vegetables, mixed greens, toasted sourdough and seeds, along with your choice of two fillings, finished with a balsamic glaze. You will definitely need to pause for a quick food picture before digging in.

Filling vegan option super salad from Vera Artisan Bakery & Kitchen in Stirling. Vegan meal with salad, roasted vegetables, butternut squash, courgette, peppers, onion, and garlic

Vera Artisan Baker & Kitchen’s location on King Street offers comfortable and spacious seating for small or large groups. Don’t leave the kiddos out, the bakery has a kids corner where they can play, read, and colour. Making Vera’s truly a family-friendly place that is open six days a week from 9:30am-4:30pm, with Sunday hours being 10am-4pm. Did you know that Vera is now on Just Eat?

You can see more of the beautiful cakes and enticing bread by following Vera Artisan Bakery’s Facebook and Vera Artisan Bakery & Kitchen’s Instagram.

Spice Garden Indian Restaurant

Spice your week up with a trip to Spice Garden Indian Restaurant. Vegan meals should be bright and vibrant and full of flavour, and this eatery delivers just that. This family business goes above and beyond to ensure that you and your family feel welcomed and part of the community. If it’s your first time visiting or you have been going for years, the staff at Spice Garden are always ready to greet you with a smile and a fantastic home-cooked meal.

From the starter menu to the main dishes, Spice Garden offers a plethora of delicious Vegan Dishes. Winning the Scottish Curry Awards in 2021, 2022, and being a finalist in the 2023 competition, Spice Garden has shown its dedication to supplying delicious meals every time.

The restaurant curates authentic Indian cuisines and has no shortage of vegan or vegetarian options. Explore their menu on Spice Garden’s website.

You must try the vegan-friendly Mushroom Curry and Daal Curry. You will be scraping your plate clean to get every last bit. 

Spice Garden is located at 23 Allan Park and is open seven days a week from 12pm-10:30pm.

We hope you find our list of Stirling’s vegan-friendly City Centre cafes & restaurants helpful and let us know if you visit any or if you think there’s a place we missed. 

If you would like to know about some of the grocers and retailers around town that offer vegan products, have a look at Independent Stirling’s Shop Plastic Free Blog Post. 

Make sure to consult the Independent Stirling Business Directory to find more unique shops to visit. 

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